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silvertip tetra fish, silver tip tetra

The Silvertip Tetra (Hasemania nana) is a freshwater fish and belongs to the tetra group of the Characidae family of Sào Francisco basin river, Brazil. 

It was first introduced in 1875; the Silvertip tetra is hardy and slightly more aggressive than other tetras.

It is also known as copper tip tetra, which is very famous among fishkeepers and can be a good choice for you even if you are a complete beginner in the fishkeeping hobby. 


The Silvertip Tetra is a beautiful freshwater fish, and most of its body color looks golden, yellowish. 

Silver color looks on their caudal fin; yellow color can easily be seen on the bottom side of their body.

The golden and silver color of these beautiful tetras makes them more attractive. 

Social behavior 

The Silvertip Tetra is a community fish that likes to live in a school of small fish. 

Although the copper tip tetra is a peaceful fish, their behavior will depend on the fish present in the tank. 

If you place them in a group of aggressive fish, they feel tense, which can also cause aggressiveness in them.

Silvertip tetra size

The Silvertip Tetra is a medium-sized fish and grows up to 2 inches (5cm)

Silvertip tetra Life span 

The average lifespan of silvertip tetra is between 5-6 years, but it depends on their habitat and environment.

The lifespan of fish in the wild is longer than in the aquarium because it lives independently in the rivers with a much wider swimming area. 

To maintain the lifespan of the fish for a longer period, provide them with the proper habits with the suitable water parameters and change the aquarium water from time to time. 

Silvertip tetra Tankmates 

Selecting the suitable tankmates for silvertip tetra fish is necessary, and also they will perform well if you add some peaceful fish with them. 

They prefer to live in a peaceful school of at least 6 fish or more. 

As they are peaceful and like to live with non-aggressive small fishes. 

Some of the best tankmates for silvertip tetra are:-

  • Livebearers
  • Rasboras
  • Danios 
  • Buenos Aires tetra
  • Black skirt tetra 
  • Blind setter tetra

The fish will be more active and perform well with the friendly tankmates. 

Silvertip tetra Tank size

For silvertip tetra, you need to set up at least a 15-20 gallons aquarium. 

As we know, silvertip tetra is a Sholing fish that likes to live with a group of fishes.

 To take care and provide more swimming space to them, it is better to set up at least a 15-20 gallons tank. 

If you want to keep more fish, you can set up a larger tank. 

Silvertip tetra Tank setup 

To take care of the silvertip tetra, it is necessary to set up a tank to provide them with the right environment. 

First, select a tank according to the number of fish, which should be set in dim light. 

For the substrate, use sand clay, on which dry leaves are placed; in the wild, they prefer to live in dense plants.

So you should set the tank with small dense plants; you can use floating plants, twisting branches, driftwood, and rock.

Tank decorations 

You can decorate their tank to provide them their natural environment to the silvertip tetra as they live in a natural shade. 

For this, you can use floating plants, twisting branches, river rock, 

And make sure you will leave enough space for swimming. 

Silvertip tetra Price 

A Silvertip tetra will cost you around $3 to $4. but it also depends on your location and fish store. 

If you buy 6 tetra fish, then you need to pay anywhere from 18-25 dollars.

Silvertip tetra Feedings 

Silver tip tetra can eat all types of food because they are omnivores species.

In rivers, they consume food such as small insects, plant debris, algae, and mosquito larvae. 

But in Aquarium you can feed them high-quality foods, you can feed them live food and frozen foods such as bloodworms, daphnia. 

Determining the right food is essential to maintain a healthy fish and its original colors. 

It has been seen that fish lose their color due to poor food and water quality.

Health and Disease 

As we know that silvertip tetra is freshwater fish, they are mainly caused by freshwater diseases. 

These fish are mainly affected by an ich infection ( sometimes small white spots can be seen on their skin or gills, these white spots known as ich

Apart from ich infection, it can also suffer from parasitic infection; poor water conditions cause this disease. 

To protect the silvertip tetra from infection, provide them with clean water and maintain the balance of water. 

Breeding tank setup 

Breeding is an easy task for these tetras; fish prepare a separate tank for the breeding process to help in the breeding process. 

Use a 10-15 gallons tank for breeding these tetra fish; before breeding, provide them fresh live foods, frozen bloodworms. 

And install the tank with some plants and leaves because female fish lay eggs on leaves and small plants. 

For breeding is essential to select correct water parameters, for this, you have to maintain a water temperature between 82°-85° F(while breeding)

PH value should be between 6-6.5(while breeding)

And water hardness should be between 2-5 dGH (while breeding) 

Silvertip tetra Breeding process 

Most of the adult silvertip tetra are interested in breeding, which will make the breeding process easier. 

When the time comes, the female releases eggs; after successful spawning, you can see the eggs on the leaves. 

After this, all the adults should be removed from the breeding tank because they are omnivores and can eat their eggs. 

Fry comes out in the next 3 to 4 days, which should not be fed immediately, 

After next they start swimming you can feed them foods like brine shrimp, infusoria, micro worms, 

How fast do silvertip tetra grow

After successful spawning, the fry comes out, and it takes around 8-9 months; fry becomes adult-like other tetras; you can add them with their community tank. 

Water temperature 

They prefer to live in slightly acidic water aquarium water temperature should be maintained as it is responsible for their health and natural color.

Water temperature for this beautiful fish should be maintained between 72°to 82°, pH value closer to 6-7 and water hardness should be between 5-12 dGH. 

Water temperature= 72°to 82°

pH value= 6-7

Water hardness= 5-12 dGH. 

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