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Ruby tetra

Ruby tetra is a tropical freshwater fish, which is a good choice for freshwater tanks. This tetra is a small size fish that can be easily taken care of.

The scientific name of ruby ​​tetra is Axelrodia riesei and was discovered in 1988 in South America.

This tetra belongs to the Rio Meta region of Colombia in South America.

Ruby belongs to the Tetra Characidae family. these are fish of calm nature. If you are looking for freshwater fish, ruby ​​tetra can be a good option

Typical behavior of Ruby tetra

Ruby tetra is a quiet species of the tetra group. It is a fish of shy nature and should be kept with their same nature’s fish.

By the way, Ruby Tetra is recommended to be kept alone. But still, you can add them to a group of small fish.

Ruby tetra lifespan

Ruby tetra has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. If you are always ready to take care of them, keep them with the right environment, the right food items, and the right presence of water.

So their life can be maintained for longer. It can also live for 10 years or more if taken good care of.

Ruby tetra fish care guide

As we have seen it is a calm and small size fish. Therefore, there is a need to keep them with small-sized and calm nature fishes.

When you provide them a good environment and a good tank companion, you’ll feel the difference in their behavior.

Large fish may not be a good option for them, keeping large fishes together will be dangerous for the ruby tetra.

Ruby tetra price

A ruby ​​tetra costs around $ 3. To buy 10 Tetras you will need 25 to 28 dollars. If you buy a large group of tetras, you may see a discount on their price.

Ruby tetra size 

Ruby tetra is a small size fish of the tetra group, their maximum sizes are about 1.5 and 1.6 inches (around 4 cm).

Tank size for ruby tetra

The right tank needs to be selected keeping in mind the size of the Ruby Tetra. So that the Ruby Tetra can be provided with more space as well as good housing.

Ruby tetra is recommended to be kept in a group of at least 7 to 8 fish. So use a tank of at least 10 gallons to take care of them. In which they can be easily kept.

Water parameter for Ruby tetra

Ruby tetra fish care

Water has an important role in maintaining the life of the fish. With the presence of good water, the life of the fish can be made for a longer period. 

 While setting their water, keep in mind the following parameters – 

1. Water temperature – It is advisable to keep the ruby ​​tetra in some warm water. It can survive at temperatures ranging from 68 to 82 ° F (20 to 28 ° C).

 2. pH value – Ruby Tetra prefers to live in slightly acidic water, for which the pH value should be kept between 5 and 7.  

3. Hardness of water – 3 to 12 DGH

Ruby tetra feeding

Just as human life requires food to be healthy, in the same way, food also contributes to the health of fish. Ruby tetra is omnivorous, which feeds on insects, invertebrates in the wild.

Food is also important in maintaining the color of ruby ​​tetra. Therefore, in the aquarium, you can give them food rich in minerals and vitamins.

You can give the:- Daphnia, Blood Worms, Living and Frozen Foods, Flake Food, and many other types of food items in the diet. Tetra’s lifespan can be increased with water and a good diet.

Ruby tetra breeding 

Ruby tetra is a bit harder to breed, an aquarium will be required for breeding, in which tank conditions need to be controlled. 

There is a need for dim light for breeding, which requires the presence of slightly acidic water and high water temperature.  

This tetra scatters its eggs at many places in the tank, so there is a need to add vegetation, plants to the tank as well.

During the reproduction process, they should continue to provide food as needed. There is a need to associate more females with males to increase the number.  

The breeding process of ruby tetra can start anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. In the final stages of the reproductive process, females release eggs.

Which are fertilized by males. Parents should be thrown out after receiving eggs, as they can be dangerous for eggs.  

Fry is obtained in the next 2 to 3 days, then fry can go swimming. Feeding is required after some time of swimming, which you can give small foods like Baby Brian Shrimp in the meal. 

Food plays an important role in their color and their development process.

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Ruby Tetra tank mates

All tetra like to live together with fishes in their natural habitat. For rearing fish in the aquarium, they need to add tank mates to provide them with a good life.

Although it is recommended to keep Ruby Tetra alone, still you can keep them in a group of fish.

Ruby Tetra tetra is a small size fish, which is also peaceful fish. Therefore, they should be associated with small-sized and peaceful fish species.

If you want, you can keep the following fish with ruby ​​tetra, which is as follows –

  • Corydoras catfish,
  • Otocinclus spp
  • Dwarf cichlids,
  • pencil fish,
  • Asian rasbora,
  • Boraras

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Health and disease

Ruby tetra is a fragile species of tetra group that needs to be careful to protect against diseases.

Because ruby ​​tetra is a tropical fish that lives in freshwater, These fish mostly suffer from freshwater diseases.  

Freshwater diseases mainly include itch infection. Apart from this, diseases like skin pores, parasitic infections, bacterial infections are also included.  

Fishes need to be treated when infected. If the diseases are detected at the right time, then the damage to the fish can be reduced.  

To protect against diseases, it is also necessary to take care of their habitat (aquarium). For this, change the water present in the aquarium every week (20 to 25 percent water change should be done every week).

So that a clean water condition can be maintained in the aquarium. And the fish can be protected from diseases.  

Apart from this, take special care of the external materials that are attached to the tank. Because it can also give rise to bacteria and infection.

Tank setup and decoration 

Ruby tetra fish

First of all, choose a tank, keeping in mind the number of Ruby Tetra and the tank mates that are kept with them. Which gives them enough space.

If you want to keep 8 to 10 fish in the tank, then for this you can choose a tank of at least 10 gallons.  

The chosen tank needs to be prepared as a natural habitat for the fish. If we look at the natural habitat of the ruby ​​tetra, it is littered with floating plants and a litter of leaves.  

Therefore we also need to add leaves and plants to the tank. For this, you can use plants such as Taxiphyllum or Cryptocurrency SPP and Microsorum. 

Start the tank decoration with the substrate. Prepare the bottom of the tank with a dark-colored substrate. On top of which install the plants with leaves.

 Also, you can use driftwood, rocks, and roots to make the tank more attractive. Also, use light for tank decoration. Install the tank with dim light (you can use a light bulb for this).


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