Rainbow tetra fish care guide, Lifespan, Tankmates …. Full Guide 2021


Rainbow tetra fish care guide

Rainbow tetra lifespan

The life of a rainbow tetra can vary by circumstance and habitat. That is, they have a longer life in the forests than in captivity. 

Rainbow tetra can have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years in captivity.

If you expect them to survive for a long time, then for this, keep them with their accommodation along with proper quality food, right water condition, and right tank mate.  

If you are always ready to take care of their life.  So their lifespan can be maintained longer.

Size of rainbow tetra

Rainbow tetra is a small size fish belonging to the Charakadi family.  Those between 1.2 to 1.5 inches (3 to 4 centimeters) in size.

Typical behavior

Rainbow tetra has a peaceful nature.  But when they are kept alone in the tank, aggression can be seen in them.  Adult males are more aggressive and more playful than females. 

 To keep the nature of Rainbow Tetra peaceful, they need to be connected with the right tank companions.  For this, you can keep them in the school of 6 or more than 6 tank mates.  

When kept in school with fishes, they can be expected to perform well.

Tank size

By the way, Rainbow Tetra is a small size fish.  But an oversized tank is required to maintain them.

To take care of the rainbow tetra, use a tank of 25 to 30 gallons.  Because it is easier to take care of fish when there is a large tank. 

 If you provide them with a good-sized tank, the fish will be more active.  And will explore many of the tank’s locations.

Tank setup for Rainbow tetra

For the proper arrangement of the Rainbow Tetra housing, it becomes necessary to set up the tank.

 If you do not manage their habitat then it will be difficult to follow the fish in the tank.  

Like we told you that it would be appropriate to arrange a tank of 25 to 30 gallons for their accommodation.

In which we will build a beautiful house for fish.  For this, first, prepare a dark-colored substrate at the bottom of the tank. 

On top of which a thick net of pods will be laid.  And finally set the tank with the correct water present.

Tank decoration

Decoration of the tank with tank setup is also important. 

We will use driftwood, twisted roots, rocks, and light to decorate the set tank.  

Driftwood with substrates and pods in the tank will settle properly with rocks and twisted roots.

We, Will, use medium or dim light for fish habitat, which will also be arranged with tanks.

Water parameter

To maintain the health and lifespan of the fish, keep them in the tank with the correct water present.

  Change the amount of water every week to ensure the presence of the right water. 

And kept checking the water from time to time.  

The following water parameters are required to maintain the health of Rainbow Tetra –

Water temperature –   72 – 82.5 degree Fahrenheit ( 22 to 28 degree Celsius)

Ph value –  6.0 to 7.2

Water hardness – 4 to DGH


Rainbow tetra is easy to feed, as it is also omnivorous like other fish. 

In food, you can feed them blood worms, mosquito larvae, live foods.  

Maintain variety in their food, which will be good for their physical health.  

Provide both live and dry food. Apart from all this, you can give them Brian Shrimp, Daphnia, Artemia, and Flake Food.  

Providing the right quality food will make the fish body look beautiful and shinier.  

Being small fish, feed them small size food, which can be eaten by them in 2 to 3 minutes.

If you provide them with more food, they will not be able to eat it.

Due to which the quality of water will deteriorate.

Health and disease

Rainbow tetra has good immunity, which is capable of fighting diseases.

But many times the fish become infected due to external reasons.

Due to which she suffers from diseases.  

To reduce the risk of infection, there is a need to identify the infection at the right time and provide appropriate treatment.

By which other fish can be protected from becoming infected.  And the damage can be reduced.  

Apart from this, it also becomes ill due to bad water conditions, due to which it can suffer from a disease called itch. 

 Taking care of water is necessary to avoid itch disease.

For this, 20 to 25 percent of the water was changed every week.

And from time to time keep checking the status of water. 

 If you take full care of their water with the right presence, then the fish can be protected from becoming infected.


As we saw, the X-ray tetra is a schooling fish.  Who needs at least 6 to 7 fish to keep in the tank.  

An X-ray tetra costs about $ 3.  A group of fish would cost from 18 to 20 dollars to purchase

Breeding tank setup

Reproduction is important to maintain the life of the fish.

Use a separate tank for breeding.  Which should be set for good breeding.

  A separate tank is set up to make reproduction easier and to obtain a greater number of frying.  

The tanks will use sand and clay, plants, light, and water as substrates for the setup.  Which will be arranged correctly in the tank.  

Following are the water parameters for breeding, which you can follow. 

 Water temperature 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit, 

pH value of water – 5.5 to 7.0


To promote reproduction, keep a few females with males in the tank, which they feed from time to time.  

When the spawning process begins, the fish disperse their eggs in the bushes.

  This process lasts for several hours.  Let the adult tetra drop out after spawning. 

Because it can be dangerous for eggs.  She can consume eggs as food. 

 After 3 to 4 days of spawning, the fry comes out, which appears to be floating in the tank.

 They need to be given the right amount of food to take care of frying.  

In the food, you should provide them with ingredients like Baby Brian Shrimp, infusoria which fit on their mouth.  

A good diet will help them progress faster, and at the same time ensure their health.

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