“Green Neon Rasbora Care (Microdevario Kubotai) Complete Guide 2021”

Green Neon Rasbora Overview

Green neon rasbora care guide, Microdevario kubotai rasbora

Green Neon rasbora (microdevario kubotai) is a typical peaceful fish that naturally grows in the peninsular River Thailand.

This is a little fish and can be a good option for a nano tank; they like to swim in the mid to upper area.

Green Neon rasbora fish will live peacefully with a school of other peaceful fishes; they are easy to care for and considered hardy fish.


Green Neon Rasbora is a very calm and small-sized fish. In the forests or the rivers, they live with a group of many fishes.

But in the aquarium, you can keep them with 8 to 10 fish if you choose the right tankmates for them.

And keep them in a group of fish of her own size, then this beautiful Rasbora will be very active and will feel good.

Do not place them in a group of big fishes, as large fishes can harm the green rasbora, and even they can eat them.

Due to big fishes, these rasboras will remain restless, scared, and disturbed, which will harm their behavior.

Microdevario kubotai Size

Microdevario kubotai Size, green neon rasbora size.jpg

These are tiny fish the average size of green neon rasbora is about 0.5 to 0.8 inches (about 2 centimeters).

The size of some green rasbora can also be seen up to about 3 cm. this microdevario kubotai is one of the small groups of fish.


Green neon Rasbora fish has an average lifespan of 5 to 6 years. However, the lifespan of these Rasabora fish also depends on the habitat, location, and climate.

These rasboras can live longer in rivers than in the aquarium.

If we provide them the right accommodation and the right food, they can live for many years.

Tank size

Microdevario kubotai tank size,green neon rasbora

Green Neon Rasbora required a minimum of 10 gallons of the tank; if you set up a larger tank for microdevario kubotai, they will perform very well.

For you, it is easier to keep these beautiful tiny fish in a larger tank.

Green neon rasbora tank setup

set up a good tank is your first task; small substrates, plants, filters, and other items will be required to set up the tank.

It is mandatory to organize the tank and good housing for microdevario kubotai.

For this, you can use sand and clay as a substrate, dried leaves on the substrate. Use dense plants and floating plants as vegetation.

Set all these items correctly in the tank so that the Green neon rasbora can be given a correct habitat.

Tank decoration

Decorate a good for microdevario kubotai, tank decoration is also important to make the fish feel like a natural environment.

Use a dim or medium light to decorate the tank. Also, to increase the beauty of the tank, use twisted roots, driftwood, and small rocks.

You can also use filters with this. But keep in mind that the tank still has enough space for the fish to swim freely.

In this way, you can create a good environment for your rasbora fish.


Water quality plays a major role in the health of any fish and their lifespan. this rasbora is a freshwater fish, so it is mandatory to maintain water quality.

Green neon rasbora (Microdevario kubotai) temperature?

Water temperature for Microdevario kubotai should be maintained between- 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit ( 20 to 26 degrees Celcius)

Water tempreture:-72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

pH value – 6 to 7.5

Water Hardness – 5 to 10 dgh

Tank mates

Microdevario kubotai tank mates ,green neon rasbora

Green neon rasbora is a small fish and preferred to live with a school. Choosing the right tank mate will allow them to swim peacefully.

Microdevario kubotai tank mates You can keep them with the

Some good tankmates for Green neon rasbora are:-


Green Neon Rasbora can eat any fish food which fits on their mouth. microdevario kubotai feedings is an easy process, and you can give them:-

  • blood worms,
  • Small frozen foods,
  • Baby brine shrimp,
  • Daphnia,
  • cyclops,
  • white worms
  • And micropellets

And many other types of food, which is good for their health. You can feed them both live and dry foods.

Give them only as much food as they can eat in 2 to 3 minutes. Giving more food will spoil the quality of water.

Green neon rasbora price

Green neon rasbora will cost anywhere from $4 to $5, and You will need $ 35 to buy 8 to 10 rasboras fish.

Breeding tank setup

Establish a separate breeding tank to breed green neon rasbora and to keep the eggs and fry safe. Installing breeding tanks will make it easier for the fish.

And a separate breeding tank will encourage them. Install a tank of at least 10 gallons for breeding microdevario kubotai rasbora.

In which, add some males and some females. Use a dark-colored substrate in the breeding tank. And also establish dense vegetation.

Use floating docks and rocks, and keep them in the right place with dim light. Because these fish scatter eggs on pods, it is necessary to have dense vegetation in the tank. Also, install an air-driven sponge filter.

Breeding neon green rasbora

If you provide them a separate tank, then the breeding of neon green rasbora will be easy.

Females lay their eggs between dense plants and leaves, and males fertilize these eggs.

After successful spawning, remove all the adults from the breeding tank because they are omnivorous and can eat their eggs themselves.

The fry comes out in the next 3 to 4 days. It floats after coming out. After some time and they need to be fed.

You can give them infusoria and such foods which fit on their mouth. After a few weeks, you can give them food like Brian Shrimp, Micro worm.

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