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Green fire tetra fish

Green fire tetra ( Aphyocharax rathbuni) is a tropical freshwater fish. Found in the Paraguay region of South America, obtained from the basin river.

This is the most popular fish among fish keeper because of their incredible color variant.


Green fire tetra is a transparent green colour with a black spot on their dorsal fin and a red/orange underbelly.

This green colour makes them different from the tetra group; green fire tetra can easily identify.

As the lower part of their body looks black and blue colour can also be seen easily on their body. 


The green fire tetra is a medium-sized fish of tetras. these aren’t too big nor too small and grows up to 2 inches and for 2-5 centimetre


If we talk about the green fire tetra’s behaviour, they are peaceful and calm fish of tetra species or like to live in groups.

The Green Fire Tetra is a slow swimming fish. If you expect them to perform well, then you should put them in groups.

Green fire tetras enjoy being in the school of 5-6 fish, don’t add them with aggressive or large fish.

They bother these peaceful fish through which the behaviour of the green tetra will also be affected.

Are Green Fire Tetra aggressive ?

The green fire tetra is non aggressive fish. Sometimes aggressiveness will also be seen in these beautiful fish. 


Green fire tetra tankmates

As we have seen, the green fire tetra is a collective fish that likes to be in a school of 6 or more fish.

Here are some beautiful tank mates that can be easily kept with green fire tetra. Guppies, platys, catfish, honey Gourami, Corydoras etc. 

We recommended you to keep green fire tetra with some similar size of fish. 


You can easily buy them from anywhere; they are available at almost any fish store. 


You do not have to pay a lot of money for these tetras. The average price of the green fish tetra is relatively low; you can easily buy them anywhere from 5 to $7 per pair. 

It also depends on your location or fish store; however, you have to buy a 5-6 fish school, which will cost you around $15 to $20. 

Perhaps the shopkeeper will give you these fish at a lower price because you are buying them in a group.



As told you earlier, they are peaceful schooling fish and very easy to care for. 

Even if you are a complete beginner, it would be an easy task; I can say easier after reading this article. 

As we human needs the suitable Habitat right food to be healthy,

Similarly, they are also living beings and require good food, suitable habitat and the proper water temperature. 

If you want to keep your green fire tetra healthy and happy. 

It’s necessary to maintain the correct temperature of the water and proper diet/ Feedings. 

And keep changing the water of the aquarium. At least 25-30 percent of water should be changed weekly. 

You can apply filters to clean the water quality, and if you want to check the quality of water (pH level), you can use a water parameter checker.

And apart from this, you only need to have enough size of the aquarium so they can easily swim and live a healthy, stress-free life. 


The Green Fire Tetra is a tropical freshwater fish that prefers to live in water temperatures that range between 72 ° to 78 ° Fahrenheit. 

This will be favourable for the health of your fish; on the other hand, if we talk about the water pH level, they prefer to live in Slightly acidic water. 

  • Water pH level between 6.5 to 7.5. 
  • Water hardness should be maintained from 3-5 dKH (soft water)
  • Water temperature between 72 ° to 78 ° Fahrenheit. 
  • Water care and maintenance

Maintaining water quality would be your primary task. 

The fish health or colour depends on the water quality of your aquarium.

If your water quality is inferior, then it will be challenging to survive these beautiful tetras.

You do not need to worry about this because it is very easy to maintain good water quality in aquariums.

Just change your aquarium water weekly, and you will see your healthy fish will survive for a long time. 

Fish extract various wastes that increase the amount of ammonia nitrate and several gases in aquarium water, which difficult to clean by a filter. 

You should remove 25 to 30% of your aquarium water; you can maintain water quality through this.

If you ask how often you have to change your aquarium’s water, we would suggest you change to change your aquarium water weekly. 


Green fire tetras are omnivorous; they consume many types of foods in the wild.

They like to eat small insects and dead plants. You can feed them anything.

But their food should contain nutrition, and the size of food should be small cause there mouth is small.

You can also feed them bloodworms, brine shrimp, live fresh food, daphnia, 

Give them high-quality foods which contain nutrition, and you will see the natural colour in your fish. 



The breeding process can be a little time-consuming thing for you but not a difficult task,

starting from a separate breeding tank for these tetras.

The following process is to correct water temperature, which is necessary for the breathing process. 

After this, add both male or female fish into the tank; for this, you need to add 2:1 means per two females, add one male. 

And leave them for a day; the eggs laying process can take 2-3 day. 

A spawning female can lay 100-200 micro eggs that look transparent. 

The female laying egg or the male fertilizing them. 

After stopping this process, you need to keep in mind to make sure to remove all the adult green fire tetra from the breeding tank. 

Since they are omnivorous creatures and can eat their eggs themselves, it is better to remove them. 

After 4-5 day, you can feed to the little frys, but ensure to feed them little and soft food; they grow rapidly in those starting weeks. 

You need to take care more of these little babies, especially when they are tiny.

After they get big enough, you can easily introduce them to the community tank with other green fire tetras


It feels sick often due to dirty water and affected by external infection; green fire tetra also one of those fish.

However, they’re hardy fish and can fight against any kind of fish disease. 

But as everyone has their own weakness, these green fire tetras have too.

Due to poor water conditions, their immunity is reduced, and they become ill.

And can suffer from each infection in disease through the water quality, for any parameter.

It is necessary to clean your aquarium water and identify your fish disease. By doing this, you can prevent your fish. 


Hope this article about the green fire tetra provides you with enough information to start an aquarium from the basics. 

It will also help you find beautiful tankmates for green fire tetra, so just don’t be worried about this and start setting up a beautiful aquarium in your home. 

And the most pleasing thing about these green fire fish we personally like is you do not need to pay much attention to caring for them as they are peaceful schooling and very easy to care for

again thank you so much, and please stay connected with 

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