Galaxy Rasbora Care Guide, (Celestial Pearl Danio), Full Guide 2021

Galaxy Rasbora Overview

Galaxy rasbora

The galaxy rasbora (Danio margaritatus) fish is commonly known as the celestial pearl danio, and it was discovered in 2006 in the south-east Asian region. 

This galaxy rasbora belongs to the Myanmar (Burma) region of SouthEast Asia. Which is found in shallow ponds with a dense atmosphere. 

Galaxy Rasbora Appearance 

The galaxy rasbora is a freshwater fish that is quiet and small in appearance. It is known for its attractive color varieties. 

And these fish are easy to care for, they can be easily kept in the school of fish, and They can be a good option for a beginner. 

Lifespan of Galaxy Rasbora 

The Average Lifespan of galaxy rasbora fish is 3 to 5 years. It can live for many years in the wild. The lifespan of any fish mainly depends on their habitat and care. 

If you provide them with high suitable habitats, high-quality foods, and proper water parameters, they can live more. 

Galaxy rasbora size

The galaxy rasbora is a small-sized fish and grows up to 1 inch (2.5-3 centimeters), sometimes this celestial pearl danio can be more than 1 inch in size. 

Galaxy Rasbora Behavior

Galaxy Rasbora Behavior, galaxy rasbora fish

Galaxy rasbora is a quiet fish of the Rasbora species, which is shy fish. They can be easily kept with other fish of their own size.

This fish spends most of its time on the surface of the tank and in the middle.

As we have seen that it is a calm fish by nature, so it is necessary to keep them in a group of calm fish.

If you place them in a group of big fish, it will be aggressive and feel tense.

And a little fight between them can also be seen.

It can also become the food of big fish; If you expect them to behave well and calmly, you have to choose a suitable tank mate.

Galaxy rasbora care

Caring for Celestial pearl danio is not a challenging task. they are hardy, and it will be an easy task.

Even a complete beginner with basic knowledge, to keep them easily. 

You need to maintain the suitable Habitat condition considering everything they required ( water temperature, feeding, maintenance), etc. 

It will be easier to follow all the steps given in this detailed article about galaxy rasbora fish. 

Tank size for galaxy rasbora

Galaxy rasbora fish tank size

They don’t need a larger tank as they are small and cute fish; it will be enough if you set up a 10-gallon fish tank for Galaxy rasbora. 

As they are shoaling fish, you can easily add 6-8 fish in a 10-gallon tank; they will perform very well. 

Tank setup 

Choosing a good tank for these small spices will be your essential task; Now, set up at least a 10 gallons tank for 6 to 7 fish.

As celestial pearl danio love to live in a dense atmosphere, so make sure you will set up an aquarium similar to their natural environment.

You need to add some live plants and some little dense plants driftwood to help them live happily like their natural habitat.

If you want to set up a larger tank, there’s no issue with that; you can easily set it up. 

It will be easier for these beautiful fishes to live more happily or freely in a larger tank. 

Galaxy Rasbora Tankmates 

These celestial pearl danios fish perform well with fish of their own spices. They are preferred to live with a School of at least 6 to 7 fish for more.

 While choosing tank mates for Galaxy rasbora, make sure you do not choose larger or aggressive fishes. 

These are perfect fish for a nano aquarium; if you want to add multiple types of fish in the aquarium.

They will require a larger tank first ensure that you have a larger tank some good tankmates for Galaxy rasboras are

  • Green tetra 
  • Ember tetra 
  • Guppies 
  • Cory catfish 
  • Molly fish
  • Amano shrimp 
  • Red Cherry Shrimp 
  • Honey Gourami 

Water parameters

Galaxy rasbora fish care guide

Water plays the leading role in the fishkeeping hobby; if you want to maintain proper water parameters.

First, you need to copy-paste their natural environment; what I mean by this, let me explain to you. 

When celestial pearl danio live in the wild, they live in shallow ponds, which are the best with vegetation. 

Now you need to follow their natural environment or set up your aquarium similarly to their natural habitat. 

Make sure to invest your money in a good-quality water parameters test kit. 

however, sometimes we need to know about exact water conditions; therefore, an accurate water test kit is mainly required

Feeding process 

The feeding process for Galaxy Rasbora is easy because it is omnivorous, which will accept almost all types of food, just like other fish.

You can give them any fish food that fits in their mouth; in the wild, these fish consume small insects, algae and rotten plants, etc. 

But in the tank, you can give them a high-quality and protein-rich diet.

You can feed them Daphnia, brine Shrimp, Blood Worms, Black Worms, etc.

You can also provide them with both live and dry food items, feed them two to three times a day.

Give them as much food as they can eat; otherwise, it will pollute water if too much food is given to them.

Galaxy Rasbora Price

If you look at the price of Galaxy Rasbora, it can vary by location, but if you buy online, the price of a Celestia Rasbora will be around 5 to 6 dollars.

But it is recommended to keep them in a group of 5 to 6 fish, so you will need $ 25 to buy them.

Breeding tank setup

If you have a tank available, you can set up a separate tank for breeding, in which breeding can be easily done.

Choose a separate tank for breeding, in which add some females and males galaxy rasbora fishes.

You can use a small tank for these fish, set up with the proper water parameters.

Maintaining the correct water parameters is essential for successful breeding of Galaxy Rasbora fish.

Maintain the temperature of the tank from about 24 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Use some vegetation with the tank as floating puddles, dried leaves, spawning mops, and moss clumps.

The fish can be given suitable habitat, and on the leaves of small plants, they can easily lay eggs. 

Galaxy Rasbora Breeding process 

The breeding process for galaxy rasbora fish is straightforward; when the rasbora is ready for breeding, the orange and purple color of the male body appears bright.

Which is below the abdomen, the female body will be a more round shape.

You can add them in a separate tank, which also needs to be given live foods to boost the reproduction process of galaxy rasboras.

During the reproduction process of celestial pearl danio, females will periodically release eggs, which males will fertilize.

A fish lays an average of 20 to 25 eggs a day. After successful breeding, the parent is thrown out,

As they are omnivorous species, they can eat eggs. After the next 48 to 72 hours, the fry will come out, 

You need to feed them small foods after they can swim, 

They can be provided with things like Daphnia, etc. 

After 1 to 2 weeks, you can give them brine shrimp, blood worms, and live substances, helping the fry grow faster.

Fry after the next one year, they will be deformed entirely and will accept any food.

How fast do galaxy rasbora grow? 

The Galaxy Rasbora takes about 10-12 months to fully develop with its colors.

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