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diamond tetra

The diamond tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) is a freshwater fish.

It was described by C.H.Eigenmann in1920 in Venezuela, South America.
Due to the silvery and golden colour, they were named diamond tetra.

This fish looks impressive with its attractive color variant with green, gold, orange, iridescent on its beautiful silver violet scales.

This fish is considered a hardy fish, and it is also a good community fish and very peaceful fish, but it is also an active fish. 


The diamond tetra has a marvelous, sparkling appearance.

Diamond tetras are slightly larger than other tetras, and it is one of the stockier types of Tetra.

Most of their body color is silver, but bright colors like green, blue, orange and gold can be seen on their body.

Diamond tetra’s fins are semi-transparent.

Female tetras are shorter endless pointed on the wings of the female thing will larger and more pointed than the female these tetras have long anal fins like other tetras


The diamond tetra has a marvelous, sparkling appearance. it is a peaceful fish and can reread very well with other fish. 

This tetra fish likes to live in small groups that can be kept in a tank with at least a group of 3-6.

This beautiful tetra keeps grouping with other fish, and a little fighting can also be seen in them, which is usually typical. 

If you think of keeping this fish, then this tetra fish can be a good option for you; you can go for them. 

Diamond tetra Lifespan 

Diamond theatre has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years if you make proper arrangements for their dwelling tank and adequate diet. 

So make sure you will provide them a suitable environment in which they live more and live happily

Diamond tetra Tank setup

diamond tetra tank setup
diamond tetra tank setup

Your first task is to choose a suitable tank diamond tetras are small freshwater fish; we recommend at least a 15 gallons tank.

For these small tetras, a 15 gallons size is enough to keep them a small group.
Well, more tank space is not a bad thing ; these are peaceful but active too.

A larger tank will have more space for swimming, and they can swim cheerfully.

It will be easier to maintain water conditions if you set up a larger tank.

Diamond tetra Tankmates

Diamond tetras are calm and peaceful fish that should not be kept with aggressive fish.

It would be the wrong decision to keep them with big fish.

Because, when you feed them, the other big fish can fight with this Diamond tetra fish.

Here are some cool tank mates who preferred to live with diamond tetras:- cory catfish, molly fish, celestial pearl, danios and most tetra species like;-

(Neon tetra, Rummy nose tetra, Candy cane tetras, Black neon tetra, lemon tetra, Ember tetra, Flame tetra, Penguin tetra, or more.)

Diamond tetra water parameters

If we’re talking about the water parameters, it is essential to make the right environment for these beautiful diamond tetras.

As they come from shallow rivers and streams in South America.

Therefore, they prefer to live in warm water, which is slightly neutral; the diamond tetra fish can survive in alkaline water.

but, slightly acidic water can help them bring their original color to increase their beauty.

here are some major water parameters to aim for.
water temperature= 72° to 80° Fahrenheit (22.2° to 27.8°C)
Diamond Tetra pH level= 5.5 to 7.5
Water hardness=4 dGH
Water moment= moderate

Diamond tetra Care

Caring for Diamond Tetra fish is not a difficult task; you can manage them so easily. 

We noticed that most people want to keep these fish in their aquarium only because these tetra fishes are easy to care for.

You only need to focus on maintaining water temperature and proper diet; try to clean 20 to 30% of your aquarium water on a weekly basis that will help your fish to live more and happy.

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Diamond tetra feeding 

Infect, The Diamond Tetras are naturally omnivorous and can eat all kinds of food given to them.

In the wild, these tetras can feed on insects and organisms like crustaceans, which they easily can swallow.

These fish prefer to swim in the middle area of the tank as they are quite aggressive for feeding and can catch their food from anywhere.

But they don’t like to take food from the bottom. 

Once it goes down in the bottom; these tetras don’t like to pick them up. 

You should feed them according to their capability and do this process 2-3 times a day.

It is better to provide in a good way and keep your tetra fish healthy. 

Diamond tetra Breeding

diamond tetra breeding
diamond tetra breeding

For breeding the diamond tetra, you will need to set up a separate tank containing 10-15 liters of water.

The water temperature should be around 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.
And then, you have to add some male or female tetra in the breeding tank.

When the fish are ready to lay eggs, put them in a spawning tank.
Sometimes there may be a delay of 2 to 5 days in laying eggs.

After laying eggs, remember to remove these adult fishes because they are omnivorous and can eat their eggs themselves.

About 350 to 400 eggs are laid by the female tetra fish.

This juvenile starts swimming in 5 to 6 days; now you can start feedings some small fish food.

And in six or seven months, they become adults, then you can add them with their community tank.

Diamond tetra Health and Disease 

Diamond tetra is one of the hardy species of fish. That can easily cope with health-related problems. 

These fish mostly suffer from the disease of freshwater, which can be prevented by the proper arrangement of water.

For this, 20-25% water change should be done weekly, which helps prevent fish from all these freshwater problems. 

Apart from this, some common diseases can be prevented by taking medicine and proper care. 

The right environment for the fish should be managed so that disease can be avoided. 

Diamond tetra Decoration

When it’s come to decorate the aquarium of these tetras, ensure that you will decorate the aquarium quite the same as they love to live in a natural environment.

That means they are used to living in an environment that is fairly teeming with plants, wood, rock, etc.

It would be great if you give them their habitual environment.
You can start decorating your tank with a layer of sand substrate.

If you are doing all this for these tetras, they will neither get crazy nor do anything special for this.

But by doing all this, you can help to provide them with their natural feel and experience.

However, your fish will live happier compared to other fishes.

Then, add some driftwood, twisting branches to simulate all of the hiding places.

Now, you can add some live plants.
And no worries, and feel free to get creative here as there are no complicated requirements in terms of plants.

Now, you will add some mix and match foreground plants, tall stem plants, and floating plants.

And the fish will be in the wild.
For their stress-free life, make sure to leave enough space so they can swim around the aquarium easily.

Diamond Tetra Price

If you want to buy a diamond tetra, it will cost you about $7-$8.
And ensure to buy them in a group of at least 5-6 or more if you can.
That will be incredible for these tetras, or it will cost you anywhere from $40-$50


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