Congo Tetra Fish Care, Complete Guide 2021


Congo tetra fish

Congo tetra fish is a freshwater fish; it belongs to the tetra group origin from Congo river Africa,

As well as the central rivers in Africa, they are named Congo tetra as they come from the Congo river. 

They prefer to live in slightly acidic water in which they bring their original and natural iridescent color. 

In South Africa, they live in low-water marshes and tributaries.


The appearance of Congo Tetra is seen to be very beautiful and attractive with bright Iridescent, luminance body color. 

Along with this, semi-transparent purple color can also be seen on their fins. 

The Congo Tetra has a variety of colors which makes them different and attractive compared to other tetras. 

If we talk about their complete body colors, you can easily see blue, red, and yellow colors with cold innocent luminance on their body. 

The blue color appears on the top and bottom part of their body. 

And the middle part of the body looks reddish-brown and yellowish. 

The whorl and posterior fin color are fully brown; the edge of its body looks attractive with gray, purple, and white colors. 


You can expect good behavior from the Congo Tetra as it is a very peaceful and calm fish. 

They are non-aggressive fish and like to live peacefully but make sure to select friendly and non-aggressive fishes while selecting their tankmates. 

An aggressive fish can spoil the environment of your tank, or it will be challenging to survive stress-free for this tetra fish. 

The congo tetra likes to live with fishes of its own nature, as they are very sensitive and timid fish that can be intimidated by the aggressive behavior of other fish. 

They hide among the plants and leave when they feel fear and stress. 

They’re middle and top swimmers; it can be a good option for you, even if you are a beginner. 

Congo tetra size 

Congo tetra can grow up to 3.0 inches (8.5 cm) and females up to 2.75 inches (6 cm). 

This is a larger fish compared to the other tater fish, females smaller in size compared to the male tetra. 

Congo tetra growth rate

They grow quickly and take around 6-7 months to get their full length. 

In a well-maintained aquarium, they can grow faster with high-quality foods. 

How long does it take for congo tetras to mature? 

It takes somewhere 6 to 7 months but also depends on caring, feeding, water maintenance. 

lifespan of congo tetra

congo tetra fish care lifespan and tankmates

The lifespan of congo tetra is 3-5 years, and it also depends on the quality of water and foods.

If you provide them proper habitat and food, they will perform well, and that will help them to live upto 6-7 or more years. 

It also brings their natural color if you provide them a good natural atmosphere and feedings. 

Congo tetra tank mates 

Congo fish is a sensitive fish that likes to live in groups. 

Finding friendly tankmates is essential for all fish. 

This tetra is sneaky fish, so you need to be careful when choosing tank mates for them. 

If you expect your fish to perform well, keep them in a peaceful non-aggressive community. 

What fish can live with Congo tetras?

Do not add them with aggressive fishes; keep these fishes with their size and peaceful fishes; some of the best tankmates for congo tetra are:-

Congo tetra Tank setup 

congo tetra tanksetup, congo tetra fish

The Congo tetras are shoaling fish that would like to live in a group of at least 5-6 fishes. 

They required to set up a larger tank to provide them their natural Habitat. 

As they are larger-sized fish, you will need to set up a larger tank to keep them easily. 

In the wild, they live happily with dense plants and compact plants.

It will be better to provide them their natural environment and set up the tank according to the fish. 

As they prefer to live with compact plants and gravel, you need to set up a similar tank.

And one most important thing you should know about is changing your aquarium water weekly. 

And use a filter to clean the aquarium water. 

Do Congo tetras nip fins?

Several fishkeepers say that Congo tetras nip fins of their own shoal’s members if stressed or shrink space,

Remember to leave enough space while setting up your aquarium. 

Tank size for congo tetra

The Congo Tetra needs at least 25 to 30 gallons of a tank, and it also depends on the number of fish. 

How many Congo tetras should be kept together?

The Congo tetra is larger than other tetras as they prefer to live in a group of 5-6 fish; hence large tanks would be needed to keep them in a school.

A larger tank helps them to float freely and live a healthy life. 

If you want to keep them in a school of 10 fish, then you need to set up at least a 35 to 40 gallons tank.

How many congo tetras can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

You can put 2 congo tetra fish in a 10 gallons tank. It will be easier if you set up a larger tank. 

Congo tetra Price 

Congo tetra is a group of fish that should be kept in a school of 5 to 6 or more fishes that will cost you anywhere from $3 to $5; you need to spend 20 to 30 dollars to buy a school of 5-6 fish.

The price of these fish also depends on your local area or fish stores. 

You can easily buy them from almost every fish store, or you can buy them online as well, but better to buy them from your nearby fish store. 

That will definitely be cheaper than online stores, but make sure to buy them in a group. 

Congo tetra water parameters

Congo tetra water parameters, congo tetra temperature

Congo tetra live in freshwater; it would be your first task to maintain the water parameters. 

To maintain congo tetra water flow and quality of your aquarium water, at least change 25-30% of the water.

Ensure to replace the aquarium water on a regular basis, and others keep the water temperature between 72°-82° F. 

As they prefer slightly acidic water, keep the pH value closer to 6-7 and water Congo tetra soft water, hardness should be between 5-20 dGH. 

  • Water temperature= 72°-82° F.
  • pH value closer = 6-7
  • water hardness = 5-20 dGH. 

Congo tetra feeding

The congo tetras are omnivorous that can consume all types of fish food, but in the wild, they eat a variety of food such as small insects, rotten plants, algae, and mosquito larvae, etc. 

You can feed them high-quality foods like- brine shrimp, blood bugs, green vegetables, and many other live foods in the aquarium. 

People also ask. Do congo tetras eat shrimp? 

Yes, they enjoy eating flake foods and brine shrimp. 

Now the question is, how often should you feed congo tetras?

They need to be fed several times a day, and you can provide them 3-4 times for 2-3 minutes. 

You need to pay attention to their feedings. 

Breeding tank setup

congo tetra fish ,breeding ,tanksetup

To breed Congo Tetra, set up a separate tank for this; you will need a tank of at least 20 gallons. 

Use fresh water and keep its pH value from 6.5 to 6.8 and use soft water hardness between 2-3 dGH. 

add some live plants into the breeding tank also add floating plants intend of this use a filter to maintain a light flow of water

And next, maintain the water temperature between 78° to 80° degree Fahrenheit while breeding. 

finally, try to provide them with a good environment with dim light for the breeding tank

Congo tetra Breeding 

Breeding congo tetra fish is not difficult; however, many people are confused about how to breed congo tetras. 

After setting up a separate tank for breeding, add some male or female tetras into the tank,

For breeding congo tetra male to female ratio should be 1:2 ( 1 male: 2 female) 

After adding them into the tank, they start spawning, and the female produces about 300-400 micro eggs. 

After the spawning process is complete, remove all the adult tetras from the tank. 

They’re omnivorous and harmful to eggs so that they can eat their eggs themselves. 

And wait for 6-7 days, and the fry comes out; they slowly start swimming to feed them after they float freely. 

You can feed them infusoria, brine shrimp, and some slight dry foods. 

Good quality food will help them to grow faster. 

Tank decorations 

congo tetra fish care guide

As we know, they are found in the Congo river of South Africa, where the fish live in a deep and dense environment. 

So here, all you need to do is decorate your aquarium with a similar substance.

Start decorating your aquarium with a layer of sand substrate (layer in the bottom of the aquarium) 

Use plants, driftwood, dry leaves, and dense plants over it. 

Apart from this, you can use floating plants, twisting branches, and rocks. 

And last but not the least use dim light because they love to live in little dim light. 

That will enhance the beauty of your aquarium. 

Make sure that you will leave enough space for swimming freely. 

Health and Disease 

If we talk about a successful aquarium, it also includes the good health of any fish. 

If you ask about their ability, are congo tetras hardy? 

Yes, they are hardy fish and have the ability to fight any disease. 

But sometimes, they get sick due to poor water conditions and many other external infections. 

A bad atmosphere usually causes infections like ich, parasitic infestations, and skin pores problems like other fishes. 

However, they’re sensitive and timid when we kept them alone and can cause stress. 

To prevent any disease, change your aquarium water regularly. 

You should not be worried too much about the disease; if you take care of feedings or water parameters, you will not face such problems. 

From time to time, check water parameters and clean bad things from the tank.

This will help you to prevent and problems and disease. 


Hope this article about congo tetra fish provides you enough information to set up your aquarium from scratch, and if this article helps you, please give us feedback about this. 

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