Chili Rasbora Care Guide, Complete Guide 2021

Chili Rasbora Care Guide

Chili Rasbora Care Guide

The Chili Rasbora (Boras brigittae) is a beautiful freshwater fish from the Southwesterner region of Borneo Indonesia.

These are the most popular fish among fish keepers; these are very beautiful and tiny fish. and easy care for even a complete beginner can keep them easily in an aquarium. 

Appearance of chili rasbora 

The main thing behind the popularity of these attractive fish is their appearance as they are colorful fish. 

They are very easy to care for; their primary body color is red and dark stripes on their body and tiny dark spots can also be marked on their reddish body and fins. 


As we told you, they are very peaceful by their behavior which makes them totally different from other fish. 

They are middle swimmers but sometimes while feeding; you can easily see them in the bottom area of the aquarium. 

Are Chili Rasbora aggressive?

Chili Rasbora are peaceful fish sometimes a little aggression can be seen in these beautiful tiny fish.

Tank Mates for Chili Rasboras

Chili Rasbora Care

As we have seen, chili rasbora is a calm fish and active too. For these fish,

you should choose the same nature fish that will help them to live happier. 

Select some small-sized, non-aggressive tankmates for them. you can use the following companies for your chili rasbora fish 

Some good tank mates for chili rasboras school

  • Otocinclus, 
  • Dwarf rasbora, 
  • Neon Tetras,
  • Sparking gouramis,
  • Chocolate gouramis,
  • Cory catfish, 
  • Celestial pearl,

These tiny rasbora fish prefer to live with their own size and similar nature fish

Be careful when choosing tank mates for the chili rasbora fish. 


The average life span of chili rasbora is 6 years. It has been seen that many of these fish can live up to 7-8 years.

If proper habitats and water parameters are given to them.

Chili rasbora size

The chili rasbora is one of the small-sized fish and can only grow up to 0.6-0.8 inches (1.5 to 2 cm) 

Tank size for chili rasbora 

As we mentioned before, they are beautiful, and tiny fish need 5 gallons tank, they don’t need a large tank as they are small-sized fish. 

If you want to set up a larger tank, you can set it up so it will feel more open, or they can swim freely. 

how many chili rasbora 5 gallons?

they should be kept in a group of at least 6-8 fish. 

Tank setup 

Tank setup for chili rasbora is not challenging; you need a few things to set up an attractive aquarium for these beautiful tiny fishes. 

The first thing you need to understand about their habitat as they live in the wild.

You just need to copy-paste their habitats 😜 I mean, you need to set up your aquarium similar to their natural environment. 

But you can’t do this on your mobile or laptop 😂, sorry for this, let’s come to the point. 

For this, you need to set up a tank with some substrate like sand (dark if possible), small plants,

Now add floating plants, almond leaves, twisting branches, and dense plant substrate to make them feel natural. 

Tank decorations 

There’s no issue with decoration; you can decorate their tank.

Start decorating your tank with a layer of the sand substrate, rock,

And add driftwood, twisting branches, roots,

as you should to set up or decorate your tank according to their natural environment with correct water temperature.

Add some dense plants similar to the wild but keep in mind that after decorating, the tank has sufficient space for the fish to swim. 

Water parameters for chili rasbora 

Chili Rasbora is very sensitive to water; they live in an area where the water flow is less. 

Water plays an essential role for any fish species

because the health of the fish depends on the condition of the aquarium water and feeding. 

So it is necessary to establish a suitable water parameter to maintain their healthy life. 

Water temperature for chili rasbora 

Maintaining normal water conditions is essential for chili rasbora. these are tropical fish,

for which the water temperature should be between 68° to 83° F. (20° to 28° C.). 

pH value

Chili Rasbora lives in black water, which has low minerals and inhabitants less acidic water.

The pH value for chili rasbora should be between 4-7.

Water hardness should be 2-12dGH.


Chili Rasbora Feeding 

It is easy to feed chili rasbora fish as they eat all types of food. they are omnivorous and can eat everything.

To maintain the fish’s health and provide them with high-quality foods, you can give them both vegetables and non-vegetables foods. 

You can feed them live foods such as daphnia, baby brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and blood worms. 

If live foods are not available, you can feed them dry and frozen food.

But keep in mind that the food should be small, give them according to their moth size. 

You can feed them two to three times a day. 

Will chili rasbora eat baby shrimp?

yes, chili rasbora can eat baby shrimp

Will chili rasbora eat Hydra?

Chili rasboras are tiny fish that need to feed smaller food


Health and Disease 

Chili Rasbora is a hardy fish that is not prone to external diseases, but this fish can become infected due to poor water conditions. 

Chili Rasbora is a freshwater fish, mostly suffering from freshwater diseases. This fish is mainly affected by the infection called ich,

small white spots appear on the fish gills, fins, and body ich disease occurs. 

Apart from this disease, it can also be caused by a bacterial infection,

And parasitic infection can be prevented by stopping the bad water condition and giving proper medicine.

The right time to take proper care of them Chili rasbora fish is susceptible to water due to inadequate water condition it is it can be infected.

So make sure that water is maintained correctly; for this, you have to clean at least 20 to 25% of your aquarium water.

weekly and use a filter for cleaning water so that the water parameter can be adapted to the environment of the fish. 

Chili Rasbora Breeding

chili rasbora fish breeding

They are easy to care however you need to know some basic information about breeding. 

To encourage breeding, set up a separate breeding tank so that it is easy to breed and fry can be reared without any problem. 

Before 5-6 days of breeding, provide them live fresh foods. 

And now add both male and female chili rasbora fish into breeding tank follow 1:2 ratio( it means one male and two females) 

When the rasbora is ready for breeding, the male Chili rasbora is bright red, and the female upper is thick and rounded. 

After spawning, females lay micro eggs, and males fertilize them. 

How to care for chili rasbora fry?

After this, make sure to remove all the adult chili rasbora from the breeding tank. 
They are omnivorous and can eat their eggs or fry themselves.
After 5-6 days, fry comes out, and when they’re able to swim freely, you can feed them small and soft foods. 

How fast do chili rasbora grow?

The chili rasbora After 6-7 months, they get adults and mature and get their full length. 

how big to chili rasbora get?

The chili rasbora is one of the small-sized fish and can only grow up to 0.6-0.8 inches (1.5 to 2 cm) 

What age do chili rasbora become red?

After 6-7 months, they get adults and mature and get their full length. 

How much is Chili Rasbora per gallon?

you can keep them 2 Chili Rasbora per gallon

Are chili rasbora schooling fish?

yes, chili rasboras are schooling fish they’ll perform well when kept in a school of 5-10 fish.

How big are chili rasbora?

these are tiny fish and grows about 1.5 to 2 cm

What can live with chili rasboras?

Dwarf rasbora, Inclus, Neon Tetras, Sparking gouramis, Chocolate gouramis, Cory catfish, Celestial pearl,


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