Beautiful Candy Cane Tetra HY511: Care, Lifespan, Tank setup….Full Guide 2021


The Candy Cane Tetra (Hyphessobrycon bentosi) is a spice of the freshwater world and it belongs to (amazon basin in Peru) South American origin.

If you are thinking that caring for these tetras are a difficult task so just stop thinking about that,

We have a surprise for you that these beautiful Candy cane tetras are easy to care for.

You can maintain them easily and we are sure that it will easier for you after reading this dedicated article, 

These candy cane tetras are delicate and have their own requirements, you just keep in mind that you will need to maintain them on regular basis and you will be good to go with these beautiful tetra.


This fish is very beautiful and its texture is just amazing, even you will see that people will really appreciate its beauty.

Candy cane tetras are quite similar to the Rosy tetra. 

This is the main reason why fishkeeping enthusiasts have aptly named them as False Rosy Tetra. 

The candy cane tetra and rosy tetra both look pink to salmon in their body color with red markings on their fins. 

Although, candy cane tetra’s body looks more transparent, and red color can be seen on their fins. 

In Candy cane tetras we can see white tipped dorsal and pelvic fins. 

Male tetras’ fins size is larger in males, while female fins are usually shorter and plumper. 

You will see a faint grayish shoulder patch marking which is absent on Rosy Tetra.

Candy cane tetra lifespan

How long do candy cane tetras live?

Candy cane tetra has a normal lifespan of 3 to 5 years but if you take proper care of these little beautiful fishes and provide them the right habitat, proper diet, and nutrition then they can live more.

Candy cane tetra size

Their average growing size is about 1.5 to 1.8, In some cases, it can grow about 2 inches or more.

When they get entered the adult zone the average females are slender while females are chubby. 

How fast do tetra fish grow?

In a well-maintained aquarium, they can reach their adult size within 6-7 months.

Typical behavior 

As we told you that candy cane tetras are very peaceful schooling species,

Are candy cane tetras aggressive?

No, they are non-aggressive fishes it is the best choice for a community aquarium and they will peacefully swim mid into the water.

And the size of candy cane tetras is perfect this is not too big, nor too small. 

Probably this is the main reason why most people love to care for these tetras. 

Tank setup for candy cane tetras

Choosing the right aquarium for this tetra fish can be your major task.

This is because of many factors such as breed type, capacity, number of fish, etc.

Having a successful aquarium mainly depends on your tank set up and the fish which you are going to keep.

What size aquarium do they need?

For this beautiful candy cane tetras, it is the best. If you set up the tank of 20 gallons.

We know that these tetras are schooling species, and that fish should be kept in a school of 6 or more.

If you set a container that has more surface area is the best recommended for these tetras because they are top and mid dweller. 

If you plan to have a community tank the size of the aquarium will depend on the quality of fish and make sure you do not forget to keep the lid secure at all times. 

Tank decorations

Major decoration does not matter for these beautiful tetras. however, if you want to decorate your aquarium you can.

They like to live in a natural environment, which means that they are used to living in an environment that is quite teeming with plants, wood, rock, etc.

It would be great if you give them your habitual environment so you can start decorating your tank with a layer of sand substrate.

And add some small plants, wood, or some driftwood,twisting branches etc.

NOTE:- There is no problem with decoration, but make sure you will have enough space for this beautiful tetra fish.  

Candy cane tetra temperature 

This is also a major factor in fish keeping a good temperature and good life. These tetras can perform very well if you maintain temperature.

From about 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and they can comfortably survive at about 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit,

All you need to do is you have to maintain the temperature according to the fish. 

PH level

Acidity is a factor to which you need to be strictly regulated. this tetra can survive at a PH level of 6.6 to 7.2. These candy cane tetras can survive in neutral water in slightly acidic water.

  • pH testing kit that helps you to check the pH level of your water.

Hardness Range: 3 – 12 dGH – A hardness of 10° dGH is preferred.

Water Movement: Moderate

  • Temperature:  72° – 80° F
  • pH:  6.6 – 7.2 (more acidic water is preferred)
  • Hardness Range:  3 – 12 dKH

Breeding Tank setup 

Breeding for these tetras is not so tough all you need to focus on thick plants and moss caving the ground.

It will help in catching eggs and will protect the fry so you just need to focus on lighting plants’ temperature, pairing, the pH level of water.

And proper diet not much is known about the Candy cane tetras because it is newly discovered.

Here  we start with basic steps,

  • Choosing the breeding pair.

First, you need to choose a pair of candy cane tetra. you should follow the recommended ratio of male to female fish is 1:2 or 1:3, you need to add a larger male and be compatible in size. 

For breeding candy cane tetras you have to prepare a separate breeding tank.

For that separate, you need to spend a little money so what exactly you need to buy is for aeration, filtering, plantation, lightings as well as the bed for laying eggs.

And next, you need to maintain a regulated water parameter. that will help in defining the water quality of the food and nutrition. 

Note:- Stuff that highly recommended AQUQNEQT4 That will help you to plantation and more.

Candy cane tetra breeding

Once you add the candy cane tetra into the prepared breeding tank. Probably the process will take 24 to 48 hours.

Before that happens, remove all the adult candy cane tetras because they are carnivores.

And can eat their own eggs too so better to remove them from the tank. and do not add the fry into the main tank until they are big enough.

Do Tetras eat their babies?

Yes, as we earlier said that they are omnivorous and can eat their eggs or little babies (fry) too.

Different between male and female 

If we are talking about male tetra fish males have longer fins as compared to females as females are usually shorter than males and have more plump. 

Candy cane tetra Feeding 

They eat micro pellets, quality flake foods, and treats of fresh, frozen, tubifex, and brine shrimp

Candy cane tetra price

Candy cane tetra is not very expensive to buy and if you are a starter then it is a good choice for you that buying these candy cane tetras will cost you around $5 a pair.

As you need to keep them in a group of at least 6, you will have to spend about $30 to 35$, or somewhere you will get these tetras at less than $30.

Health and Disease

For candy cane tetra you do not need to more focus if you clean your tank on regular basis.

Here you need to see some signs or diseases like ich, skin flukes, Dropsy, Geneinherited disease, parasitic infestations like gill diseases, 

Sometimes a well-maintained tank can also be infected by diseases.

Make sure that your tank water chases by regularly maintaining.

Make a good natural ecosystem that will help the fish live happily and healthily, and keep maintaining a balanced diet that includes proper nutrition. 

Candy cane tetra tankmates 

Candy cane tetras live happily with other tetra fish like-

Rummy nose tetra, Diamond tetra, Black neon tetra, Ember tetra, Flame tetra ,Penguin tetra, or more.

Or ,Some best tankmates for candy cane tetra

Bleeding heart tetra, Black phantom tetra, The kuhli loach these are the perfect tankmates for candy cane tetras.

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