Beautiful Black Neon Tetra: Care, Lifespan, Tank setup, Tankmates….Complete Guide 2021


black neon tetra

Black neon tetra ( Hyphessobrycon herbetaxelroi ) is beautiful and especially no need for more attention you can take care of them very easily that’s the only reason why most people want to take care of these tetras,

Black neon tetras are low maintenance freshwater fishes that originate from the Paraguay river basin and taquari river or south brazil.


These beautiful black neon tetras‘ primary color is greenish and black; the black neon tetras create a beautiful contrast. 

These tetras can reach a maximum length of 1.6 inches, and it is difficult to identify between males and females.

Social Behaviours 

The black neon tetra fish can perform well with other peaceful fishes.

This tetra fish is considered one of the best tetras for community tank setup. It is a very sharp and peace-loving fish and its colors are really attractive.

These fish should always be kept in groups. It would perform very well if staying in the group and living a stress-free life.

So make sure you will keep them with a group of 6 or more.

black neon tetra lifespan 

Their average lifespan is 5 year

How long do black neon tetras live?

The average age of black neon tetra is 5 years, but these beautiful fishes can live up to 5 – 8 years; they are schooling fish

It is best if you keep them within a group of at least 6.

They perform very well in groups and live stress-free that will increase the overall performance of your aquarium. 

Black neon tetra tankmates 

Here, we are telling you about the best tankmates for the black neon tetra Fishes Cory catfish, Rasbora, Zebra danio, Redlizard whiptail, Honey Gourami, Cardinal tetra, Apistogramma cichlids. 

What fish can live with black neon tetras?

Can black neon tetras live with neon tetras? 

The answer is Yes, The black neon tetras can live with neon tetras.

Neon tetra and black neon tetras are both peaceful fish. You can add both tetra fishes to your aquarium. They will not fight with each other.

black neon tetra care

Compared to the other tetra fishes, these tetras prefer soft acidic water.

However, they can adjust to any conditions and have more potential for tolerance.

Black neon tetra care -

They are peaceful species and easy to care for; these fish swim at the aquarium’s top level. 

The black neon tetra can be a suitable option for a complete beginner

And if your tank is already installed for some different kinds of tetras, like Rummy nose tetra, candy cane tetra, etc.

It is the best thing, and these tetras will definitely perform well compared to the other fishes.

Tank setup for black neon tetra

It is the first task for you to set up a good aquarium for your black neon tetras.

They are peaceful Shoaling fishes and should be kept in a group of 6 and more they swim at the top of your aquarium. 

when the fish are placed in a Tank that is too small for them to grow and swim freely. 

If you set a tank with more surface area, then it is the best recommendation for these tetras, and at the bottom of the tank.

You can also decorate your aquarium, which is the best because they love to swim at the aquarium’s top. 

Tank size required

The required tank for this black neon tetra is up to 20 gallons, and they are peaceful schooling fish that like to live with a group of fishes

Tank decoration

The tank should be set up in dim light. And for decoration of the tank, you can add some sand substrate that sets well in the tank’s surface area. 

After that, you can add some dry leaves, small plants, some rocks, and plants that driftwood; you can also use floating pots and twisting branches.

Black Neons also extract many waste materials, which increases the amount of ammonia and nitrate gasses in the tank.

For this, what you can do is, you can use a filter to keep the water clean.

water parameters

If we talk about their natural water condition, these tetras are found in clear and little acidic water and warmer temperature.

It is the best thing if you provide them their natural water as they used to live in little acidic water.

you should not worry about this just follow the water parameters given below:-

water temperature:- 73.4°F – 80.6°F (23°-27° C) Try to keep closer water temperature to 75°F

Water pH level:- they prefer to live in acidic water pH from 5.0-7.0

Water hardness:- in the wild, they prefer to live in soft water, which is 2-6 dGh (soft water) 

Health and disease

Are black neon tetras Hardy?

The black neon tetra seems hardy but is not much powerful immune to fighting a disease.

These fish can suffer from diseases like skin flukes, parasitic infestations ( protozoa, worms, etc. ) ichthyobodo infection, and bacterial disease.

But don’t worry this is easy to prevent the diseases and can easy to identify or treat.

  • Look at your fish colors that are good or faded. 
  • Keep your eye on the fins of your fish. 
  • Look that the fish is sluggish or not. 
  • Pay attention that your fish is eating properly.
  • Check for body spots. 
  • Watch for rubbing or scratching marks on your fish.
  • Keep looking at some other physical symptoms too.

Black neon tetra feeding

Black neon tetras are omnivores; they eat small crustaceans, small invertebrates, fallen fruit, and eat small plants.

Although, black neon tetra can comfortably survive with dry flake foods, frozen bloodworms, daphnia, mosquito larvae, brine shrimps,

You can also survive them with supplements that can majorly show your black neon tetras community’s growth changes.

Black neon tetra price 

The black neon tetras are not too expensive and will cost you around $3-5 per fish, 

As you buy a group of 5-6 then it will cost you around $18 to $30.

Gender difference

We are telling you a little difference between them, and that is the female has a larger, more rounded belly than the male,

And the other is a female’s lower abdomen becomes filled with eggs when it is sexually mature.

Black neon tetra breeding

Breeding of black neon tetra is not that easy, and it can be a time-consuming thing, but this is not the hardest part of fishkeeping.

And we are sure that after reading this detailed article it will be an easy task for you so keep reading. 

You have to prepare a separate breeding tank of about 2 gallons for 3 – 4 black neon tetra.

And keep in mind that you filled water at a level of 20 cm. Make sure that you have both males or females in the breeding tank.

Future breeders should be kept aside for approx a week or fed well. And make sure a day before breeding this tetra, you stop feeding them.

Black neon tetra breeding -

Female fishes start laying eggs in the morning, and the laying egg process can take 2 to 3 days.  

A  spawning female can lay from 100 to 200 eggs that look white transparent.

As soon as the process stops removing all the adults’ black neon tetra from the breeding tank.

As you know, they are carnivores; they can eat their own eggs too. So make sure you remove them from the breeding tank.

Those transparent eggs or fry can probably take 4 – 5 days to feed something themself. 

The juveniles grow rapidly, and in the first 1 – 2 week, they usually hide under the leaves and small particles of plants.

Keep in mind that you take care more of the babies, especially when they are small.

Once their babies get big enough, you can add them with your other black neon tetras.  

Fish keeping deficulties

As we mentioned earlier, Several fish-keeping experts suggest this tetra for a complete beginner.

Don’t think you can go with these beautiful tetras if you are a beginner.

Along with that, it is also easy to feed them. If you change aquarium water every week.

At least change 20-30% of your aquarium water, and there are no worries about keeping these beautiful tetras.


Can you mix neon tetras with black neon tetras?

Yes, you can mix neon tetras with black neon tetras.

Do black tetras sleep?

yes, they sleep their style but can’t close their eyes.

How long do black neon tetras live?

The average age of black neon tetra is 5 years.

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